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Initial Consultations

The Initial Consultation is the first step where the client’s parents meet with one of our ASHA Certified Speech-Language Pathologists and present their concern(s). The Speech-Language Pathologist decides if speech- language therapy services are warranted and the various areas that need to be assessed (e.g., articulation, voice, language…etc.). The Speech-Language Pathologist also answers any questions pertaining to assessment and/or therapy.

Speech and Language Evaluation

Comprehensive Speech – Language Assessment are conducted utilizing the most-up-to-date and standardized assessment materials, informal measures, and speech and/or language sampling.

The purpose for administering standardized assessments is to make comparisons of your child’s speech and/or language development to those of his/her age-matched peers. Furthermore, it aids the clinician in determining if a delay or disorder exists.

Once testing and observations (including speech/language samples) are completed, the clinician will develop a comprehensive written assessment report, which involves a thorough analysis and interpretation of the assessment results. This report
a) provides parents and other professionals, who may be working with your child, with information regarding the child’s strengths and weaknesses in any of the aspects of communication,
b) indicate whether Speech and Language therapy is warranted,
c) specifies the recommended frequency and duration of treatment, and
d) outlines the initial treatment goals/objectives; which were developed based on the assessment results.

Speech and Language Therapy

ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists will develop individualized goals to improve speech and language skills, and pragmatic/social skills and, implement the appropriate therapy plan and monitor progress.

Through the use of specialized therapy designs and models, selected goals will be achieved using evidence-based practice. Using a collaborative approach speech -language pathologist will help your child to:

  • Improve the intelligibility of his/her speech
  • Develop and improve comprehension and listening skills
  • Express thoughts and ideas
  • Initiate, maintain and participate in conversations and play
  • Develop early literacy skills toward reading and academic success

Services are provided on a one on one basis and parent training is provided during therapy sessions as needed. Alternative and augmentative communication tools, such as computers, sign language, pictures boards or the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) may be used to facilitate functional communication skills.